In 2001 I bought my first property to redevelop and rent in Newtownards, as this was my first venture into property development I kept it simple by redecorating and fixing some minor problems.  I then progressed onto my next property needing a bigger challenge. I modernised it by replacing the whole kitchen and bathroom, replacing the flooring with laminate and carpeting.  

Since then I have bought various other properties to develop, sell and rent in both Northen Ireland and Scotland.

With 14 years experience my skills have fully developed and progressed to become fully competent in all aspects of property development, repairs and maintenance.  With the attention to detail of the highest of standards I just love to see the finished product and to say, yes I nailed it!

It has long been my ambition of using my skills to maintain and repair other peoples homes to the highest of standards.

Please see my portfolio of pictures, I have included before and after shots so you can see how much work I put into my projects and jobs.